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Cylindo - 2018 in Review


With 2019 officially upon us, we’d love to highlight some of the milestones from last year that made Cylindo what it is today - leading 3D product visualization platform for commerce.

Here, at Cylindo we believe in expressing the beauty of your products through the art of 3D visualization. We believe in the simplicity of processes and the versatility of outcomes - superior product visualization that can be leveraged across channels and platforms, to create the highest impact in today’s omnichannel world.

Part of the reason we can look back at 2018 proudly is that of the major releases that fueled our platform and technology:

  • 360 HD Viewer upgrades - carousel and stacked viewer, 2K zoom on mobile, embedding rich product content like videos, imagery and custom background;

  • Intelligence - Analytics for the 360 HD Viewer to help clients make data-driven decisions and track ROI;

  • Styleshots - Interactive Room Scenes to unleash the power of digital storytelling;

  • Product Review tool - User-friendly and efficient 3D Visualization approval tool.  

Cylindo now is the catalyst that drives delightful shopping experiences by empowering retailers and brands to show more and sell more, with close to zero efforts.

If we look at our technology today, we can talk about the most scalable high-quality pipeline in the world, reaching 2 quintillion unique, photorealistic 4K product renderings, in the last year.


What’s next?

Making things easy for the customer is in our DNA, so we continue our journey with further automation of the content creation technology, and we are constantly innovating to help clients deliver immersive shopping experiences.

Here is a shout-out to the Cylindo family: our people, our clients, and our collaborators. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

We have a lot of exciting things coming in 2019 - so let's roll up our sleeves and keep making visualization easy!

Cylindo FTW!




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Biljana Vidojevic
Biljana Vidojevic

Content creator. The person behind the Cylindo blog. Excited about the future of technology and retail.

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