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Cylindo 360 HD Viewer v4 Is Here - Now Seamlessly Integrating With Google Analytics

The ARIE chair in the Cylindo 360 HD Viewer v4 - now seamlessly integrating with Google Analytics

We’re introducing exciting new functionalities to make it easier to integrate the 360 HD Viewer on your site and measure the effect and easily embed product visuals across different touchpoints with an improved Content API.

Here is what’s new in the 360 HD Viewer 4 version:


Google Analytics Integration

The latest version of the Viewer lets you seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics and get all relevant insights in one place. That way, you can measure the success of your 360 & AR experiences in Google Analytics. 

These insights will help you understand how your customers engage with the Viewer and how these interactions pave the way to the “add to cart button.”

There are two types of metrics that you can analyze:

  • Engagement metrics - views, sessions, and interactions with the Viewer and AR
  • Conversion metrics - conversion rates attributed to a product supported by the 360 HD Viewer and AR

The best part is that the integration is simple and straightforward. No heavy lifting from your side is required. 

Now you get to quantify the impact of the 360 HD Viewer on your bottom line and make data-driven decisions to improve the user experience on your website.

Changing colors animation-1-1

Content API Functionality

It’s time to get creative with the Content API and deliver more compelling experiences. With Cylindo 360 HD Viewer v4, you can leverage 3D content for add-to-cart thumbnails, PDF spec sheets, and product listing pages.

Now you can unlock the full potential of your photorealistic content and use it beyond a Product Viewer, across multiple touchpoints:

  • Add-to-cart thumbnails - Embed product visual in the exact variation that your customer chooses. Including an image in the checkout process can increase conversion rates by 28%.
  • PDF spec sheets - Automate the process of creating visually rich product spec sheets and allow customers to download them.
  • Product listing pages - Unify the furniture shopping experience by showcasing quality product thumbnails.

Want to see it for yourself? Check the Content API in action: 

[Select the desired product configuration and see the exact thumbnail in your cart checkout, print and download image features]



Other Key Features With this Update

Besides these two major features, here are some other updates included in the latest version:

  • WCAG compliance - Viewer v4 is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level AA, a series of guidelines for improving web accessibility. This will make your web content more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Alternate content as the first frame - Now, you can load your preferred product content as the default first Product Viewer presentation.
  • Get the next updates automatically - No need to involve your software engineers when we release new Product Viewer updates any longer.

This release marks another step toward our goal of providing furniture brands and retailers with the highest quality photorealistic product visuals that you can leverage across channels to create engaging experiences that convert and build a powerful brand image.

If you are looking for a 3D visualization platform that can help you create versatile content for multiple touchpoints and platforms, we should talk.



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