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Cylindo Accelerates Growth With New Talent and New Offices

Cylindo Accelerates Growth With New Talent and New Offices

This is an exciting time to be working at Cylindo!

As a trailblazer in the product visualization industry, we are going forward with confidence and determination.
The growth in the past few years was strong, but the future looks even brighter.

What started with a clear vision and strong desire to create a technology that will simplify product visualization, has evolved into the fastest growing platform for commerce that provides photo-realistic visuals and tools to engage and convert audiences across channels.

As we take a walk down memory lane we can see that a lot has changed, but one thing remained the same: boundless determination.


Janus Jagd, CEO of Cylindo
We’re a team of dedicated innovators fueled by a passion to build and grow things that challenge the status quo
- Janus Jagd, CEO


The focus so far has been on building a product that will revolutionize the retail industry. The 360 HD Viewer is a game changer for some of the biggest furniture retailers and brands, but we never settle. Cylindo is on its way to set up a new standard - a smart platform that will completely transform the shopping experience delivering superior product visualization together with powerful tools for the businesses to optimize their shopping experiences.

Cylindo - a smart platform

Ready, set, GROW

We are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting global initiatives. Besides our offices in Copenhagen and Bitola, we’ve opened two new offices this year: in Boston and Skopje. And this is just the beginning of a very significant year for Cylindo!

We’ve welcomed many new talents in the past few months, and we are expecting even more people by the end of the year.

Having the right people on board is absolutely vital. This is going to impact how you evolve as a company over time. One of the biggest challenges when expanding is how to maintain and nurture the culture. Even though you may be faced with the pressure to recruit quickly to meet demand, you should never sacrifice culture fit for immediacy.

Our extensive experience in product visualization has allowed us to accumulate know-how, that is transferred to new team members, thus fostering a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and trust.

The Cylindo team


As the company grew, it was perfect timing to gather the team in one place. After few connecting flights from different places across the globe, the team met in Skopje to set up the roadmap for the next three years.

New faces, new spaces, and a photo shoot

Our new office in Boston will be the center of our Sales and Customer Success team.
The SMG team (Sales and Marketing Group) will have a vital role in Cylindo’s growth. Recently, Scott O’Neil joined the company as VP of Global Sales and Customer Success. With more than 10 years experience in tech companies out of which 7 years in the retail industry, especially in e-commerce, his task will be to lead the SMG team and to grow the customer base, strengthening our position in the North American market.


Scott O’Neil, VP of Global Sales and Customer Success at Cylindo
“The Sales and Marketing department is the lifeblood of every organization. We’ll be focused on growing the team at a pace that is going to allow us to exceed expectations. The new office in Boston will help us focus our efforts on North America. I believe that the SMG team will guide Cylindo down the path of growth”
- Scott O’Neil, VP of Global Sales and Customer Success


During the gathering in Skopje, the team discussed the roadmap for the upcoming years and our plans for 2018. This was a great opportunity for the new team members to immerse with Cylindo culture and share ideas to improve features and processes with the end goal to help our customers succeed. At the end of the day, our commitment and nurturing the relationship with every single customer in a tailored manner is what makes the difference.

“If I had to describe Cylindo with one word that would definitely be - FOCUS! It’s a company with a clear vision and a talented team. Everybody is driving towards the right goal. There are a lot of challenges on a daily basis, which was one of the main reasons why I joined Cylindo” - Scott O’Neil, VP of Global Sales and Customer Success.


Cylindo has reinforced its team with proven professionals in different areas. Still, no matter the roles, all of them will be playing a crucial part in transforming product visualization across the planet. At Cylindo, all paths lead to one common goal: making product visualization easy for brands and retailers.

The Cylindo Skopje office

 Challenging times ahead for retail

We live in an ever-changing world. The pace at which brands and retailers have to innovate to try to stay ahead of the curve is paramount to their success. The furniture industry is one of the verticals that has had the hardest time making the purchasing journey easy online.

“Brands and retailers are always looking to create more immersive content that empowers the consumer to make more informed purchases online without going to the store. We are empowering brands and retailers to make that path to purchase online so much easier” - Scott O’Neil, VP of Global Sales and Customer Success


We continue to build a platform that helps brands and retailers accelerate growth, by creating a world-class shopping experience for end users.

Ready to change the world one SKU at a time

When you have the right product, at the right time with the right people - growth is inevitable.
And we are ready to embrace it. The only way to discover what the future holds is to roll up your sleeves and create it.

Customer Experience: The Road to a Great Customer Journey
The Digital Spotlight #1

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