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Cylindo Intelligence is Here! The 360 HD Viewer just got smarter

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After months of research and hard work, we are introducing our new analytical solution: Cylindo Intelligence. It integrates with the existing 360 HD Viewer and offers vast amounts of analytical data that will help the customers optimize their product page experience and make data-driven decisions.

Meet Cylindo Intelligence

“Cylindo Intelligence was born from a desire to empower our customers through high-quality products and from a wish to improve our products using a data-driven approach. We realized early that knowledge about product performance is equally important to both us and our customers and we wanted to enable them to get the right insights in order to better understand user behavior” - said Per Lohmann, VP of Engineering.

Our Intelligence gives brands and retailers the power to see products through their customers’ eyes. Now they can discover how users interact with their products and some of the crucial touchpoints of the shopping experience. Using these insights they can fuel their marketing strategy and increase sales and conversions.

Key features

With this solution furniture companies can identify the real value behind the numbers, so they can utilize the 360 HD Viewer to its fullest potential. Some of the key features of deep customer understanding include:

  • Product engagement metrics - Our Intelligence gives brands and retailers a holistic view of how visitors engage with the products. They can easily track the number of views per configuration, analyze the average number of configurations per product and see how visitors engage with their products by the number of views with spin and zoom.
  • Top performing products - Bestsellers are the blood flow of every business. With Cylindo Intelligence businesses can discover what products and configurations customers love the most. Having this valuable information they can enhance their visual merchandising, optimize their campaigns and drive revenue growth.
  • Conversions and ROI - It all boils down to revenue and growth. Brands and retailers can now visualize the overall shopping experience and track ROI metrics. By extracting the meaning from the analytics they will be well equipped to make smart marketing moves.

“Our clients can utilize these metrics to improve product page UX and optimize call to actions. They can push and promote configurations that seem most popular and they can also track product performance and ROI. This way they will be one step ahead because they will know what works well and what doesn't. The ultimate goal of our Intelligence is to help businesses increase sales based on data” - explained Jasna Trengoska, Customer Success Manager.

With Cyllindo Intelligence furniture industry players can discover hidden opportunities, improve processes, and offer relevant experiences to their customers. This can be their ladder to a data-driven digital transformation that can be paramount to their success.

The future of Cylindo Intelligence

To meet the needs of companies of all sizes, Cylindo combines superior product visualization and seamless content creation process, now supporting it with an analytical solution. This enables brands and retailers to provide an exceptional customer experience by acting smarter and responding faster to ever-changing consumer expectations.

Cylindo will continue to update and release new improved versions of the Intelligence keeping in mind our ultimate goal - to create a smart platform that will enrich the shopping experience.

“What we have today is an early version that already gives meaningful insights to our clients.
For the next release, we will roll out even more detailed metrics that can provide deeper analytics. Our vision is to upgrade the solution to eventually utilize the data and offer additional services with the aim to help our customers increase their revenue. We are super excited about the future of our intelligence service and what it will bring to our clients. Stay tuned!” - said Per Lohmann, VP of Engineering.

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