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Introducing the new version of 360 HD Viewer: Enhanced Shopping Experience with Rich Product Content

Introducing the new version of 360 HD Viewer: Enhanced Shopping Experience with Rich Product Content

Continuous improvement is at the core of Cylindo’s strategy. The latest version of the 360 HD Viewer brings new features for rich product page experience.

Now brands and retailers can enhance the shopping journey by incorporating dynamic product content such as high-resolution imagery, interactive 360 spins, product videos and room scenes. Everything from a single platform.

“Cylindo is constantly working on product improvements of the 360 HD Viewer, related to performance, speed, functionality upgrades, customer-requested features, as well as general fixes. Improving the Viewer is key to offering an even better and even more wholesome service to our customers and serves the purpose of helping to make them more successful with our technology. Therefore, we have a few standard Viewer update cycles per year” - said Jasna Trengoska, Customer Success Manager.

Integrated videos

Video has proven to be a solid investment for businesses to engage with customers. By combining it with interactive 360 spins and room scenes, furniture brands and retailers can create unique shopping experience and encourage customers to make a purchase.
The new version of Cylindo 360 HD Viewer supports self-hosted videos, as well as Vimeo and YouTube videos, shown directly in the 360 viewport. This way brands and retailers can significantly reduce friction.

Optimized mobile zoom

Zoom is among top 10 features for rich furniture merchandising. Cylindo’s platform offers 4K HD zoom across platforms. However, experience has shown that it is best to have different levels of zoom for separate devices. It is now possible to downsample the zoom level shown from 4K to 2K. This is especially important for a mobile version because it provides seamless mobile experience with advanced 2K zoom. Thanks to the latest update, brands and retailers will have the freedom to choose between different zoom levels for a versatile experience.

Dynamic background color

Brands and retailers can now have a dynamic (solid) background color for the viewer. They can choose a custom background color to match their product page theme. This opens a wide range of opportunities to showcase products in the best possible light. It’s now possible to present products on a dark background with all the features the 360 HD Viewer offers, to give your site a luxurious touch.

Dynamic image filename

One more important feature related to SEO is incorporated in the latest version of the Viewer. The Dynamic image filename allows control of the filename of the images downloaded for improved search engine optimization. Having in mind that traditional SEO tactics will eventually fade in a mobile-first world, and the focus will be on voice search, barcodes and images - it becomes increasingly important to optimize image filenames.

The new version of the 360 HD Viewer is a result of thorough research and it incorporates key input provided by the clients.

“The Customer Success team at Cylindo advocates in the name of all our customers internally within the Cylindo organization. Receiving customer feedback on features and important releases would help us to work with the Product team in the direction of implementing as many of the customer requests as possible into the upcoming releases. In general, it also helps us improve the product and bring it closer to the look, feel and service that our customers would like to have.” - said Jasna Trengoska, Customer Success Manager.

Existing 360 HD Viewer users can contact Cylindo via support@cylindo.com for support and update to the new version 3.1.

If you are interested in 360 HD Viewer 3.1 you can follow the link below and schedule a 30-minute demo of the product for a quick introduction to its new features.

Experience 360 HD Viewer 3.1
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