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Chaos Unboxed Live Recapped


We’re standing on the precipice of a new dawn in visualization, where exciting tools and technologies will allow everyone to create anything they can imagine, without limitations. And Chaos is determined to be at the forefront of this creative revolution. But how?

That’s the question we set out to answer with Chaos Unboxed Live. This online keynote, led by Chaos CEO Christian Lang, gave an overview of the company’s future direction. Check out the keynote video, and read on to find out what we’ve got coming up.


The principles driving product development

The future of Chaos products revolves around three core principles:

1. Accelerating creativity: We’ll provide user-friendly yet powerful tools with AI enhancements. Chaos aims to empower users without replacing their creativity by offering them a better brush to bring their visions to life faster and with greater control.

2. Delivering fully interconnected solutions: A seamless workflow is key, allowing creations to flow effortlessly between different parts of the process without requiring rework.

3. Being available everywhere: Ensuring accessibility across all platforms, from desktops and browsers to mobile devices and virtual reality, empowering users to meet their audiences wherever they are.

Based on these three principles, Chaos is taking visualization in new and innovative directions across its product portfolio, including Cylindo, V-Ray, Cosmos, and Enscape, plus new products on the way.


What’s coming in 2024

Let’s dive into what was announced and how it will help make life easier for those in the furniture industry. For the full recap across all products, be sure to check out this article on the Chaos Blog.



For Chaos users in the 3D commerce space, we’re delighted to share that we are breaking new ground with Cylindo.

This year, we’re further improving our offerings for the e-commerce ecosystem, focusing on enhancing the workflows for creating and distributing content for digital marketing, merchandising, and branding teams, and streamlining the path to product discovery and boosting sales. 

With the introduction of the customer portals, external agencies can provide instant visualization services to their clients by leveraging our platform. Cylindo Studio is also integrating generative AI capabilities, enabling you to transform your product visuals into stunning, photorealistic lifestyle images that showcase your products in virtually limitless settings, instantly.

These enhancements underscore our commitment in leading the e-commerce landscape. Empowering you and your clients to create, manage, and distribute your product visuals and open up new avenues for creative expression and growth.

“These developments represent more than just technical upgrades; they embody our commitment to providing you with a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem that amplifies creativity and paves the way for richer and more seamless experiences,” explained Kalina Maneva, Group Product Manager at Chaos.



Next up is V-Ray, our industry-leading photorealistic rendering solution. 

Open-source 3D software Blender has built a massive, passionate userbase, and its regular updates and free nature have attracted everyone from complete beginners to large studios. People often ask us if V-Ray for Blender could be a thing, and the answer is yes, it will be! And we’re working on it right now.

V-Ray will also receive significant enhancements to ensure compatibility and accessibility across various platforms and tools. We’ve been building up to this with the Bridge between V-Ray and Enscape, and USD and MaterialX support, which help our customers work seamlessly across platforms and with studios worldwide.



This leads us nicely to Enscape, our simple-to-use real-time rendering and visualization tool. We’re bringing the V-Ray and Enscape feature sets closer together, ensuring seamless workflows. Think Cloud Collaboration support and access to elements of the Chaos Cosmos asset library, so you can shift projects between programs seamlessly and fearlessly.

That’s not all: Enscape will also receive a real-time solution for rendering stylized visuals in a hand-drawn manner, plus integrated GPU and mobile viewing capabilities.



More AI: Chaos Cosmos, the asset library that is growing in size and becoming a crucial part of the Chaos ecosystem, will receive chat-driven material creation. Specify the material you want, and then art direct it to your project’s exact needs by adding scratches or logos, making it more metallic, or just turning it up to 11.


Smoother client collaboration and reviews

We aim to revolutionize design collaboration with a platform that allows real-time 3D design reviews and seamless collaboration for teams and clients, regardless of their location, device, or even platform.

By prioritizing accessibility and fostering engagement through photorealistic 3D experiences, we're redefining how designers, artists, and clients connect and communicate, breaking down barriers and creating a truly unified experience for all.


Chaos Next

Here at Chaos, we’re committed to staying on top of AI's incredible possibilities, while ensuring that users and artists maintain creative control. That’s why we’ve formed Chaos Next, an AI lab that will investigate how we can integrate AI technology into Chaos products in a way that is useful and respectful.

The first fruits of Chaos Next, mentioned in this article, are Cylindo’s lifestyle image tool and Chaos Cosmos material creation.

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More to come from Chaos Unboxed in 2024

To experience the buzz and to hear all of the announcements made at Chaos Unboxed Live, be sure to watch the keynote

This keynote is just the start of the Chaos Unboxed experience. We have more events, both online and in the real world, coming up throughout the year, so you can see the latest innovations in action, ask questions, and meet fellow Chaos users.

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Chaos Unboxed: Find Out What We've Got Planned For 2024
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