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Introducing an intuitive self-service product photography tool: Cylindo Studio

Introducing an intuitive self-service product photography tool: Cylindo Studio

Furniture retailers and manufacturers have dedicated budgets for creating lifestyle shots, mostly done on location or in dedicated photo studios with traditional photography. The photoshoots required to get these images are often an inconvenience as they are expensive, require a lot of involvement to plan and execute, and the images themselves become obsolete fairly quickly (e.g., seasonal shots). All of this makes it difficult to create new visuals on a time crunch or to iterate upon existing visuals.

This pain point is exacerbated when there are multiple products that come in various materials or textures and offer different customizations. In order to feature every configuration, you’d need to manufacture the product in each combination, making for a very expensive photoshoot. Because of this, there is a need for a solution that provides our customers with a configurable and customizable experience that showcases every product variation in a polished setting without the expense and frustration that comes with a traditional photoshoot. That’s where Cylindo Studio comes in.

Show off your products in context and at scale with customizable lifestyle imagery and product visuals

Cylindo Studio allows marketing teams and other internal stakeholders — with no or limited 3D knowledge — to create a lifestyle image with their products in a photorealistic environment in however many combinations of the product you desire. Not only does Cylindo Studio give you the ability to easily generate and iterate upon photorealistic lifestyle imagery at scale (no more photoshopping new products into old photoshoots!), but, combined with the Cylindo platform, it makes it easy for you to manage your visuals across all channels to ensure visual consistency.

The interior and lifestyle brand Swoon partners with Cylindo to create unparalleled furniture buyer journeys for their customers. Here’s what they have to say about the newest Cylindo add-on:

“Cylindo has been transformational for Swoon in terms of how we distribute our digital content. Prior to the partnership we were expending lots of time and effort producing hundreds of photographic images across multiple digital channels. Now we can design, produce and push content to our website in a matter of weeks, greatly improving efficiency whilst maintaining consistency. The 360 viewer, 4K zoom and Cylindo Studio allow us to serve a wide range of interactive content from a single 3D asset which aims to both inspire and manage our customers' expectations seamlessly.

- Josh Rushby, Head of Content, Swoon Editions

With Cylindo Studio, increase your online sales, conversions, and average order value by showcasing configurable, photorealistic products with in-context, “real-life” 3D environments. Some of the features that make this possible include:

    • The self-service UI is where you can place products and props in a room themselves and adjust placement, camera angles, and so much more.
    • Room and Prop Libraries allow you to choose from various 3D environments and style them with Cylindo-provided props, custom props, or other products.
    • Use as many visual iterations of a Studio as needed in order to keep up with market trends, supplement marketing efforts, or simply go back and make minor changes.
    • Configurable renderings allow you to render your product within a Studio in as many combinations of features and materials as desired to show customers all possibilities.
    • Pre-designed templates created by our team of visual experts that come fully decorated so you can simply drop your product into the scene and render. Or, create your own templates for your teams to reuse over and over again.
    • Custom 3D environments can be requested, as well, if you are looking for a specific style not yet provided by the Cylindo Room Library. As with our product modeling services, our custom teams will work with you to generate a digital twin of the room you’d like modeled in 3D!

With Cylindo Studio, planning, creating, managing, and editing 3D photorealistic room scenes becomes easy. The need for traditional product photography isn’t going away, but Cylindo Studio can help ensure that all of your products are given a chance to be showcased in an interactive, photorealistic setting.

Interested in learning more about Cylindo Studio and how you can get started? Request a demo and we will put you in touch with a Cylindo representative to show you all the fun behind-the-scenes.


Cylindo is the fastest-growing 3D product visualization platform for commerce. The story of Cylindo was born back in 2012, with one idea in mind: to make product visualization easy. Today, hundreds of furniture companies partner with Cylindo to get superior product visuals across the entire furniture buyer journey. We have created a platform that goes beyond high-quality product visualization and gives furniture businesses versatile assets they can leverage across multiple touchpoints. In partnership with our parent company, Chaos, a world leader in visualization and computer graphics, we are making strides to bring the future of 3D into the hands of our customers.

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Cat Cullinane
Cat Cullinane

Cat Cullinane is Cylindo's Product Marketing Manager, working to introduce the furniture world to the future of 3D.

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