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Digital Spotlight #9 - Emerging Technologies Are Changing The Furniture Retail Shopping Experience


Here is the monthly round-up of all important news and articles in the world of furniture, e-commerce, and technology.



Advancements In Technology Are Changing The Ways Retailers Interact With Consumers

As technology evolves at a lightspeed pace, customers expectations hit all-time highs. Staying top of mind with creating a top-notch brand experience has become the ultimate battleground for retailers. The digital natives consider technology as an integral part of their lives, and they expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. And smart visualization technologies can support omnichannel marketing efforts by automating product image delivery across channels and media. Read how advancements in technology are changing the ways retailers interact with consumers


Online furniture startups are reimagining the customer journey

From delivering sofas in a box to offering online customization tools, direct-to-consumer startups are reimagining how to buy a couch for the digital age. Millennials start their shopping journey online, and they expect retailers and brands to adapt to theirchanging lifestyle; one that is focused on convenience and with a priority on experiences. How tech-savvy e-tailers do it? Interior Define lets shoppers customize their living, dining, or bedroom furnishings with different fabrics, finishes and sizing options using Cylindo 360 HD Viewer.



Walmart is about to overtake Apple in e-commerce

According to the latest forecast from eMarketer, Walmart is about to overtake Apple as America’s No. 3 e-retailer. The estimate comes as the retail giant registered 43% growth in e-commerce in its third quarter, with a 32% rise just in the U.S. In this heavyweight fight, the only way to compete is by introducing engaging and relevant shopping experiences. In order to stay relevant, Walmart moved from a traditional retailer to high-tech innovator, even leapfrogging some of the big e-tailers.




Mobile Empowers Retailers To Catch Shoppers At The Point Of Intent

According to the 2018 Retail Mobility Insights report by Oracle, nearly half (47%) of retail executives say their mobile strategy is to increase shopping basket size both in-store and online by catching customers at the point of intent. Cutting-edge retailers are leveraging AI to create systems that continuously learn from every visit, ensuring that the shopper is given the most relevant experience possible from the moment they load a page or step inside a store. The convenience of online payments is also making its way into the store environment. More than half (54%) of respondents indicated that payment options like contactless checkout, self-checkout, and mobile payment are either in use today or are part of retailer’s technology roadmap.



Thanksgiving Weekend Multichannel Shopping Up Almost 40 Percent Over Last Year

Retailers’ investments in technology continued to pay off with consumers seamlessly shopping on all platforms throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. The survey found more than 89 million people shopped both online and in stores, up nearly 40 percent from last year. The multichannel shopper outspent the single-channel shopper by up to $93 on average.

The most popular day to shop online was Cyber Monday, with 67.4 million shoppers, followed by Black Friday with 65.2 million shoppers. The most popular day for in-store shopping was Black Friday with more than 67 million shoppers, followed by Small Business Saturday with 47.4 million shoppers.

The predictions that mobile will change the rules of the game seem to be true, as mobile shopping continues to grow. According to NRF, 66 percent of smartphone owners used their mobile devices to make holiday decisions, up from 63 percent last year.




[Live Webinar] Find Out The Right 3D Furniture Visualization Technology For Your Business

The digital natives consider technology as an integral part of their lives, and they expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. With sky-high customer expectations, the pressure is on for companies to keep up with tech-savvy, always-connected consumers.

Staying top of mind with creating a top-notch brand experience has become the ultimate battleground for retailers.

On December 12th, hosting a webinar on 3D Furniture Visualization Technologies, where our CEO and 3D visualization expert, Janus Jagd will talk about:

  • Ways to introduce rich and engaging experiences to increase sales

  • Best practices for building a future-proof asset library

  • A game plan for each visualization technology (3D, AR, VR, and Space planning)

  • Insights that will help you choose the right 3D visualization technology for your business




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