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How Cozey is transforming the furniture shopping experience with Cylindo

How Cozey is transforming the furniture shopping experience with Cylindo

Cozey is a modern Canadian furniture brand offering stylish and customizable furniture, including sofas, chairs, and tables designed for comfort and aesthetics.

Cozey’s main competitive advantage is its modular furniture which makes it possible to re-arrange and resize furniture pieces to fit any living space. Since 2021, Cozey has partnered with Cylindo to improve the e-commerce experience through 3D product visualizations, AR, and valuable analytics.

We sat down with Felix Robitaille, Director of Marketing, and Evan Roberts, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation at Cozey, to discuss the aspects of the company's approach to furniture design and the role Cylindo plays in accelerating value to their customers and propelling their overall e-commerce strategy.

You can watch the entire webinar recording below or continue reading for a brief recap.


The challenge of visualizing configurable products

When Cozey initially launched, its product page had limited configuration options, offering only a choice between a one-seater, two-seater, three-seater, or four-seater. This restricted the range of products and configurations available to customers. Additionally, the visualization of the products was a challenge, especially with over 500 different configurations, making it difficult to render all the 3D options digitally. The company had only one sofa collection, limiting the variety of designs and configurations available for customers.


How Cozey transformed the shopping experience with 3D product visualization

To address these challenges, Cozey partnered with Cylindo to revolutionize the visualization of their products, effectively expanding the range of possible configurations, expanding their offerings with different styles, and removing constraints allowing them to focus on a better customer shopping experience. Here's a breakdown of how Cylindo has made an impact on Cozey’s business with the power of 3D product visualization.


Enhanced visualization and expanded configurations

Cozey’s partnership with Cylindo led to a significant enhancement in the visualization of their products, enabling the extension of the number of configurations possible on their product detail pages. Cylindo also allowed for the introduction of the first sectional, a corner unit that could extend a linear sofa into a sectional, providing customers with more options for customization.


Expanded product offerings and personalization

Over time, Cozey expanded its offerings to include different styles of arms, types of legs, and multiple collections, increasing the personalization options for customers. As a result, the company now offers thousands of configurations, significantly broadening the range of choices available to customers and enhancing their digital shopping experience.


Felix Robitaille

“Initially, when I joined Cozey, the number of configurations on the product page was very limited, just four options: a one-seater, a two-seater, a three-seater, or a four-seater… From the beginning of our partnership, we've been able to extend the number of configurations possible on our product display page (PDP). At that time, configuring over 500 different options would have been quite challenging. Being able to showcase and sell these 3D options was a significant advancement for the digital experience we were aiming to create. Currently, we have an even greater number of configurations than before.”

- Felix Robitaille, Director of Marketing, Cozey


Removal of constraints and a boost in customer satisfaction

Evan shares that Cylindo removed constraints related to photographing configurations, allowing them to focus on optimal customer options. He also shared how the 3D models increase customer confidence and conversion rates.


Evan Roberts

“Cylindo removes many of the constraints that were previously a concern, particularly when designing modular furniture, offering a realm of endless possibilities. Previously, there was always a need to limit oneself to what was achievable, especially in shooting, post-production, and related processes. The newfound freedom allows us to focus more on understanding and delivering what we believe the customer wants without the limitations that were once in place.”

- Evan Roberts, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, Cozey



What’s in store for the future?

Cozey plans to continue leveraging Cylindo’s dashboard analytics tool daily, highlighting its effectiveness as a website performance indicator. The tool provides Cozey with valuable insights into the number of configurations triggered by users, as well as the overall user engagement, enabling strategic adjustments to their marketing approach. 

Additionally, integration with Google Analytics allows for a comparison of conversion rates between users who engage with Cozey’s augmented reality feature and those who do not, revealing a significant increase in conversion rates for AR users. Cozey is committed to developing and investing in AR for the long haul, recognizing its importance for future projects.


Watch the webinar recording with Cozey: 


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