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Customers that Engage with AR are 8x More Likely to Convert - Mini-interview with Julie Shulman from Interior Define

Customers that Engage with AR Convert 8x More: Julie Shulman Interview

How will AR change the way people shop for furniture, why should you consider adopting this technology and is web-native AR the road to mainstream adoption? We’ve talked with Julie Shulman, the Director of Product Management at Interior Define, and here is what she said. 

1. What is the number one benefit that Augmented Reality brings for customers?

Giving our customers the ability to visualize a new piece of furniture in their home is key to finalizing the purchasing decision. Cylindo’s AR functionality allows our customers to feel confident in the configuration and scale of the product they are considering. Additionally, they can confirm that their selected style and fabric pairs well with existing furniture, accessories, and paint in the space they are designing for. AR closes the gap between seeing our products in an ID Guideshop and being able to “try it on at home”. 

2. How does AR aid shoppers on their path to purchase and what is the role of Augmented Reality in the buyer journey?

Initial data shows that the majority of customers engage with AR towards the end of the buyer journey helping to propel our customers towards their purchase decision. Customers that engage with AR are 8 times more likely to convert than customers that choose not to engage with AR.

Quote from Julie Shulman from Interior Define

3. How would you compare Web-native AR vs. mobile application AR?

We understand that our customers are busy and do a lot of their shopping while on the go. Offering web-native AR means our customers can easily visualize our products without the barrier of leaving our site to go to the App Store and download our mobile app. 


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