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How EQ3 Increased Online Conversion and AOV With Web-AR for Furniture


The Canadian furniture retailer EQ3 was founded on the premise of delivering modern, thoughtful design and refined furniture through an outstanding customer shopping experience. 

As they planted their seeds online, they completely reinvented the online buyer journey. 


The Challenge

Aware of the importance of product visualization in the digital realm, EQ3 has more than 400 products configured and shown using the 360 HD Viewer. 

Dan Gange

“All of our best-selling products are visualized with the 360 HD Viewer from Cylindo.”

- Dan Gange, Director of E-Commerce at at EQ3


Moving forward, they wanted to enrich the customer shopping experience while relying on the two most important pillars in the online world: convenience and speed.


The Solution

With Cylindo’s web-AR, they empowered their mobile shoppers and simplified their decision-making process when buying furniture online.

Part of the reason why they excel at what they do is that EQ3 puts data at the heart of their e-commerce practice and all business decisions.


Dan Gange

“Retail is like sailing a ship. Some people navigate by the shore and the stars, and some use GPS. Depending on your goals, you can get away with older, intuitive, experience-based methods. But e-commerce is like a submarine. If you don't have instrumentation and the means to understand it, the only feedback you get is in the moment and late. So you crash into something and only then do you know you have a problem. That's obviously way too late. As we develop our e-commerce practice, we rely on our instrumentation, and we understand that while we don't see everything, we see enough to proceed with confidence. If you stay focused, the instruments will inform your best marketing and business decisions.“

- Dan Gange, Director of E-Commerce at at EQ3


Using Cylindo’s Google Analytics integration, EQ3 can easily track the success of its 360 HD Viewer and web-AR experiences and look at metrics such as conversion rates, transactions, and average order value (AOV).

That’s how they quickly discovered that AR users have a two times higher AOV and three times higher conversion rate compared with non-AR users on mobile.

The only question was how to encourage more desktop shoppers to try and use web-AR.


Thinking Outside the Box

EQ3 managed to increase AR adoption among their shoppers by updating the desktop product page experience featuring a QR code that pops up when customers click the “View in AR” button.

Thanks to this hack, they can seamlessly transfer shoppers from desktop to mobile and unleash the power of web-AR.  

eq3 qr code

EQ3's product page with QR code that leads to web-AR on a mobile device


The Results


The increased AR adoption among their users has resulted in 429% more shoppers using AR.


EQ3 found out that a shopper who uses AR has a 112% bigger conversion compared to someone who doesn't use AR.


Implementing web-AR has helped EQ3 create a completely different, immersive customer experience. Plus, they were able to unify the shopping journey by adding a QR code that makes it easy for desktop users to shift to mobile and use AR to visualize how a piece of furniture would fit in their own space.


As a result of their commitment to data insights, the EQ3 e-commerce team can make informed decisions that drive their online and offline business and introduce innovative solutions that elevate the customer experience.

Dan Gange

"Augmented reality finds a valuable use case in the furniture industry. We have seen in customer surveys that AR is referenced as a common reason for purchase completion"

- Dan Gange, Director of E-Commerce at at EQ3



Ready to See the Power of Web-AR?

AR can simplify the decision-making process by helping consumers make confident decisions in the comfort of their homes. This is now essential technology during the consideration stage when people evaluate options for a big-ticket purchase like furniture. Ready for a jaw-dropping increase of conversions and AOV?



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