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Product Updates & 3D Visuals Made Easy

Product Updates & 3D Visuals Made Easy

In order to thrive in this ever-changing furniture landscape today, we’re committed to always advancing our product offerings to ensure our customers are equipped with the best 3D tools available to achieve impressive results like a 60% lift in e-commerce sales with 3D assets like leader Mitchell Gold Bob Williams.


Our customers fuel our innovation, roadmap, and growth

The requests of our customers are always taken seriously, and recently, we’ve introduced a new feature to the Cylindo Platform, which allows our users to access, filter, and download digital swatches of their materials directly from the UI — Materials Library. And that’s just the start … this quarter (and beyond), we intend to continue that trajectory and bring more brand-new features and products. 

We are super excited to introduce the upcoming Cylindo Studio, a self-service 3D visualization tool that enables you to create photorealistic 3D lifestyle imagery of your products in-context and at scale without 3D expertise.

The official launch of Cylindo Studio is just a few weeks away, along with some exciting additions to the Cylindo Platform:

  • Dimension Shots — An update that enables users to deliver visuals with consistent and accurate product dimensions across all product configurations. 
  • Guided Reviews — The review process for 3D models has been streamlined on the Cylindo Platform, so you can choose from various options to quickly provide relevant feedback. 
  • Auto Spin — The 360-degree viewer has been optimized to allow you to adjust settings to have a product automatically spin 360 degrees as soon as the customer enters the product page or selects that image. 
  • Klaviyo Integration — Klaviyo is a web-based marketing automation platform with the goal of enabling users to gain insight into customer interactions. You will now be able to set up your Klaviyo flows, once installed, to use your Cylindo content.

Stay tuned for more product announcements, and reach out today for a custom overview of these exciting new features and products that will take you from 3D starter to 3D expert while driving sales during this holiday season.


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Cat Cullinane
Cat Cullinane

Cat Cullinane is Cylindo's Product Marketing Manager, working to introduce the furniture world to the future of 3D.

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