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Cylindo - 2019 in Review

Cylindo - 2019 year in review

With 2020 officially upon us, we’d love to highlight some of the milestones from last year that made Cylindo what it is today - a leading 3D product visualization platform for commerce.

Let’s take a look back at all the amazing things that happened in 2019:

  • Web-native augmented reality - We’ve empowered a new generation of AR experiences - web-native, meaningful, relevant, with frictionless and delightful user experience — the last stepping stone towards the mass adoption of augmented reality in furniture. Interior Define was one of the trailblazers in the furniture space. Their data shows that customers that engage with AR are 8 times more likely to buy. Back in September, we’ve partnered with Heal's for the first app-less AR on the UK market.
  • Cylindo Create - We’ve redefined 3D content repurposing. Using Cylindo Create, you can distribute your product visuals for marketing use cases, product page experience, and all the major marketplaces, thus maximally utilizing high-quality 3D visuals and creating a unified brand experience.
  • Cylindo Projects - We’ve launched a new solution that allows you to manage and track the production of your 3D product visuals in an easier, straightforward and more efficient way. Using Cylindo Projects, you will save considerable time in providing and verifying product data, and you will experience a faster turnaround time for new projects.
  • New funding and board members - last year we’ve raised a new round of funding to further invest in technology and revenue growth. We’ve also welcomed two new board members: Roberto Schettler, ex-CEO of Realtime Technology (RTT), and Lars Fløe Nielsen, Sitecore's co-founder and the new chairman of the board.
  • Cylindo Global Summit - One of the most important highlights as always is the Cylindo Team - a group of passionate and smart people, that is constantly pushing boundaries. The Global Summit in Budapest was a great time to reflect on what has been done so far and to set goals for the future. 

Today Cylindo is the leading 3D product visualization platform for commerce that drives delightful shopping experiences by empowering retailers and brands to show more and sell more, easier than ever. 

If we look at our technology today, we can talk about the most scalable high-quality pipeline in the world, reaching 3 quintillion unique, photorealistic 4K product renderings, and 9 million unique users served monthly. 


What’s next?

Last decade 3D commerce was in its incubation period. By the end of this decade, 3D commerce will be completely mainstream and play an integral part in e-commerce success for the vast majority of retailers and manufacturers. We are on a quest to help our clients transform furniture shopping with engaging 3D experiences. 

We want to wrap up this year-in-review with a shout-out to the Cylindo family: our people, our clients, and our collaborators. Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We are looking forward to all the things we’ll keep creating together.

Here’s to a great 2020 and an incredible decade. 🥂


Cylindo Year in Review 2019 Infographic


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Biljana Vidojevic

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