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9.5 Ways To Save Money With Visualization Software

Save money with furniture visualization

1. Photography.
3D visualization lets customers play around with all the color and variation options there is. You only need one 3D model of the furniture to apply all the variations. That means you save on photography because you even if your sofa is available in a 100 different colors, you only need one 3D model.

2. Floor space.
Digitally you can display as much furniture as you want. Use 3D visualization in-store to showcase every single piece of furniture you have, and save the floor space for your best-sellers. That means you not only save costs associated with showroom space, you can also better utilize the space you have to create a stunning showroom that makes people want to buy more.

3. Complexity.
If you sell furniture with many combination options, e.g. modular sofas or wardrobe systems, it can be difficult for customers to understand the product. 3D visualization makes complex products easy to understand because customers can actually see what combinations look like. Vastly decreasing the time it takes a customer to make a decision. That means you save by having shorter sales cycles.

4. Logistics.
No need to align the arrival of hundreds of different items of furniture from different factories in different countries, to arrive at the same time for a photoshoot. 3D visualization relieves you of physical restrictions. That saves you time, money and a boat load of hassle.

5. Try it before you buy it.
3D visualization lets customers test if furniture can fit in their homes. This means no nasty surprises when the furniture is delivered and you save by having less furniture returned to your store.

6. Forget paper.
Having your entire furniture portfolio in a digital format means you can share it easily with anyone and you never have to print again. Saving you money and the earth’s resources.

7. Upkeep.
Digital catalogues can be updated continuously, so you don’t have to wait for next years print catalogue to add the new colors etc. That means you save on wasted time and lost sales opportunities.

8. Shareable.
So you customer is not sure her husband is going to like the new dining room design? Well, email it to him right there and then. Get his approval and close the sale. That saves you time so you can go and close the next sale.

9. Stickiness.
Whether customers create their designs at home or in your store, 3D visualization ensures the project stays with your store - even if completing the purchase takes several visits. That saves you time spent giving advice only to see them shop next door.

9.5. Context.
3D visualization is captivating and engaging. It turns buying a new sofa into buying a new livingroom, because customers can experience multiple products together. So they buy not only the sofa, but also the rug, and the armchair, and the side table. Ok - this isn’t actually a save per se - you increase the sale and I guess save time - so still a bit of a save...

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