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UX Benchmark Study Results From The 3 Leading European Furniture Brands

UX benchmark study results from the 3 leading European furniture brands 2021

Europe is well-known for its long furniture manufacturing history. The unique style of European brands gives them a competitive edge, especially in the high-end segment of the furniture market.

COVID-19 has brought many shifts in the furniture industry. Moving forward, one this is for sure: Brands have to create pleasant website experiences that will lead customers to their products, and they have to create digital content to support retailers in their mission to sell more.

To understand the elements of an effective furniture website experience, we dissected the websites of the three companies from our Top 100 European Furniture Brands report that have the highest ranking based on the number of adopted features and quality of product visuals.


1. Muuto

Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and an honest expression. The combination of forward-looking materials, techniques, and bold creative thinking enables them to deliver new perspectives on Scandinavian design. In fact, the brand name, Muuto, comes from muutos, meaning new perspective in Finnish.

In our Top 100 European Furniture Brands report, Muuto ranks first, with the highest website experience index (85).

When you open Muuto’s website, you notice three sections at the top: products, designers, and stories. There is also a separate section for professionals. 

When you click the products section in the navigation bar, there’s a drop-down menu. Alongside the different product categories is a 360-view GIF of the iconic fiber chair from Muuto with a call to action to customize the product. 

Muuto 1 

Once you select a category, you see a product feed with high-quality thumbnail visuals. When you open the product detail page (PDP) at the top, you see a product visual, product information details, recommended retail price, and a “find a store” button. 

Muuto 2

On the right side, there’s information about the product, ready-to-ship product variations, as well as made-to-order inspiration. When you click the “configure” button, there’s a pop-up window where you can explore the product in 360-degree view, zoom in on the details, and configure the base color and the upholstery. 

Muuto 3

Below, there’s a product library with product information about materials, tests, labels and certificates, and assembly instructions. In this section, you can also find packshots, lifestyle images, 2D, 3D, and Revit files available for download.  

Muuto 4

The bottom of the product page features product recommendations with related products, as well as a “meet the designer” section. 

Muuto 5

Muuto is a great example that a furniture brand can create a pleasant website experience for different audiences — from design trade professionals and business buyers to end customers. With great design and seamless user experience, Muuto’s website creates a great flow and a fully optimized user journey from start to finish. 



Neptune is a British interior and lifestyle brand that designs and makes furniture, lighting, and accessories for the whole home. With a mindset of challenging convention and looking at things differently, they’re often reviewing things they’ve done and reassessing whether they’re still good enough. Innovative thinking is part of their DNA, and it extends to how their designs can be used.

In our Top 100 European Furniture Brands report, Neptune has the second-highest website experience index (83). The results from our research show that Neptune has all the analyzed features except web-native augmented reality and a dealer portal.

When you enter the home page, you notice a navigation bar with a drop-down menu. For each product category, there are different subcategories. At the bottom of the navigation bar, there is a section where visitors can browse products alphabetically.

Neptune 1

When browsing on mobile, you’ll notice a hamburger menu on the top left corner where you can choose product categories. 

After selecting a product category, you will notice two sections: in the first one, “the collection,” you can find all the products from the collection in the chosen product category. In the second section, “available now,” you can only find products that are available right away.

Neptune 2

When you open the product detail page (PDP), you can see high-quality lifestyle images, alternate angle images, and detail shots on the left. On the right side, visitors can use the product configurator to customize the product with different fabric, leg colors, and other details. Thanks to the high-quality product visualization, you can get a 360-degree view of the selected product and zoom in to scrutinize details. 

Another interesting feature is when you open the drop-down menu to configure the fabric, you can see information about the price and also when the product in that specific fabric will be available. The recent issues in the supply chain have influenced the delivery time, so being transparent and setting accurate expectations is always the best solution. 

Neptune 3

Below the product configuration, there’s information about price, design, and engineering, technical details, and delivery and returns information. To help visitors find the product easier, there’s a “find your nearest store” button on the product details page. At the bottom of the page, visitors can read the whole story behind the product. 

Neptune 4

The overall website experience on Neptune’s website is clean and pleasant. The page load speed is excellent, and the website is well optimized for mobile devices. Despite being a furniture manufacturer, the attention to detail distinguishes Neptune from traditional furniture brands that don’t invest a lot of time and effort in their website experience.



3. Montana Furniture

Montana Furniture is a family-owned company, established in 1982, leading in storage and furniture for private homes and contemporary office spaces. All Montana modules are designed, developed, and made in Denmark. They work hard to uphold the highest standards of processing, painting, and assembling — making sure that your Montana furniture will last a lifetime.

In our Top 100 European Furniture Brands report, Montana Furniture has the third-highest website experience index (80). The results from our research show that Montana has all the analyzed features except web-native augmented reality and room scenes. 

On the home page, there is a navigation bar with a drop-down menu on hover. When you enter a product feed, you can see thumbnail images for different products with price information.

Besides category filters, there are many other filtering options like dispatch time, depth, width, color, material, and product series. On the right side, you can choose whether you want to see Montana recommendations, filter products depending on the price, check newest products, or browse alphabetically.


Montana 1


When you open the product detail page, you can see the product in a 360-degree view. Besides this feature, a manually controlled carousel shows product images from different angles. On the left side, the visitor can configure the selected product by choosing different colors, position, depth, or zoom in on the product and scrutinize details in full screen. 

Montana 2

On the right side, you can see product information about the selected configuration, description, and specifications. If you’re interested in buying the product, you can navigate to the list of retailers on the right of the product details page by clicking on the “find retailer” button.

Below the product configurator, there’s a section with detailed product information, as well as 3D files, a catalog, and a maintenance guide available for download. 

Moving down the product page, you can find a section with related accessories, including thumbnail images and price information.

Montana 3

At the bottom, you can find a section with product recommendations about popular products from different sections. Adding product recommendations increases visitor engagement and time on site. 

Montana 4

The overall experience on Montana’s website is clean and pleasant. The website has a simple and straightforward navigation. Features like 360-spin, a product configurator, HD zoom, related products, and product recommendations enrich the website experience, keeping the visitor engaged. The mobile design is well thought out, with a fast page load speed, especially when interacting with the product configurator.


Next step

To find out the final ranking of the Top 100 European Furniture Brands for 2021, download our report. Packed with analysis of the must-have website features, assessment of product visuals quality, best practices, and expert opinions, you're going to love this one.

Ready to explore the benefits of 3D product visualization technology and how it can help you create an engaging furniture website experience?


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